cool gaming names for guys

Looking for some great, cool and unique virtual world avatar names? Look no more! Here is our collection of fun avatar names for your virtual. Whats the coolest gaming name you have ever seen, not restricted to any specific name I like that guy on these forums "bob from accounting". Need a kickass gamertag to intimidate the opposition in Call of Duty or Halo? Check out this list of over 60 cool gamer names for guys, girls. cool gaming names for guys Also, keep in mind that there is a fine line between sounding awesome and sounding like a complete idiot. My badminton tipps is "Panda". Try a Nickname Creator If You Want More Options Just be prepared for more funny or silly and nonsensical nicknames than cool ones in most cases, as these are computer-generated. The only drawback is that you only get a few names at a time. Lol i never knew why but it's a cool screen name and a good user name for xbox! Blood Law — random name desk top tower defense would be cool for vampire or other aweome character.


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